System capability

FAQs - System capability

This is a table that is populated by employees of one office within two working weeks, it shows only those unplanned interruptions, which are associated with external causes and from the employee are not affected.

The test contains 60 questions, which the employee must respond "YES" or "NO", and determines possible loss of working time, which depends on the personal discipline of the employee.

Form in a table to be in a private office, together with instructions for its completion and a list of the most frequent interference.

Viewing is available on the website after passing the test and fill the table "loss of working time" sheet.

Analysis of the major "sinks" of working time due to personal disorganization of the employee is automatic! The test result can be printed, continue to keep him constantly in sight, you can attach a list of the major "weaknesses" above the Desk, eyes straight ahead and from time to time refer to it, adjusting itself to the ability to resist various temptations interrupt your workflow.

Analysis of lost work time associated with external interference, is carried out daily by the employee under the scheme – how many forced breaks, how much time spent, in minutes, what is the reason for the break and the main reasons it is the personal opinion of the employee. After the survey results are summed, and the result is transmitted for consideration to the supervisor of the Department, which conducts analysis to identify weakest link in your organization's business processes.