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To raise the staff skill effective use of their time and to identify the main frequent cause of the loss of work time from external interference.

The project is designed for senior and middle managers to assist in the assessment of the rational distribution of working time among the staff of institutions and enterprises

First and foremost, business owners who are interested in improving the productivity of the company.

The questionnaire to test the temporary losses from unproductive use of working time by employees.

You can pay in any convenient way specified in the form of payment.

Available for payment: Yandex.Money, WebMoney, Qiwi, PayPal, payment with credit card or corporate account

Auto-renewal is missing

 The money has NOT been returned.

Exception - refusal to test removal of the questionnaire provided, which was not filled even a single test and a single piece of wasted time

This is a table that is populated by employees of one office within two working weeks, it shows only those unplanned interruptions, which are associated with external causes and from the employee are not affected.

The test contains 60 questions, which the employee must respond "YES" or "NO", and determines possible loss of working time, which depends on the personal discipline of the employee.