1. Visitor, guest, user - a person or a group of people who are visitors to the Internet resource.
2. Administration - the administration of the site in the face of employees of the company.


1. The guest is obliged to fill in the forms (payment, registration) to provide accurate information
2. The administration is obliged to consider all incoming applications and appeals sent by the guest. And also provide the opportunity to use the resource at the rate chosen by the guest.

PRIVACY policy

1. Using the forms of payment, registration, login to the site, the visitor agrees that his (her \ their) personal data will be processed and used to communicate with the user, the payment process, the purpose and selection of the tariff for the services
2. User data are not published and are not transferred to the 3rd parties. Exceptions to the data transfer are cases provided by the legislation of the countries of which the user and the administration are citizens.

the responsible PARTIES

1. The administration is responsible for saving the user's data. Exceptions - paragraph 3.2 of this offer, or unauthorized publication of data by the user.
2. The visitor is responsible for the safety of data in all cases not specified in this agreement.
3. The administration is not responsible for the safety of data in the event of force majeure
4. All conflict situations are resolved by agreement in person or by means of communication
5. Execution of the agreement is mandatory for all parties